Who we were is who we are.

~~John Quincy Adams


History gives us the opportunity to look at ourselves, even though what we often see is unpleasant. But if we embrace truth and not myth, we can learn to shape our lives through greater understanding of our flawed human nature. The study of our history can teach us the importance of being the conscience of a generation for the inhumanity in our past. While we should not forget where we came from, we must not use past adversities to justify malevolence, but rather choose to move in ways that promote healing.

Walnut Grove Media is dedicated to historical research of the eighteenth century southern colonial frontier. This period is a complex tapestry of diverse peoples integrated in a network fused by commerce, intermarriage and conflict. Countless stories of the intense struggle to survive and the sacrifices served by strong men and women are only part of our past’s compelling tale.

Walnut Grove Media is currently in development of a documentary film; a project which unveils the relationships between the Cherokee and European settlers who made desperate attempts to live in peace, but who inevitably acquiesced to war. Although Indian removal would come some 60 years later, the years of the American Revolution set the stage that would lead to extirpation of Native peoples from their lands. Join us as we explore the never before told story of the Cherokee Indians during the Revolutionary War and the people who, until now, have lain dormant for too long.


“Indians have their rights and our Justice is called upon to support them. Whilst we are so nobly contending for liberty, will it not be an eternal blot on our national character, if we deprive others of it who ought to be as free as ourselves?”

                                    --Benjamin Harrison, Governor of Virginia, 1782